Media: The Launch of the Good Toy Zone


The Good Toy Zone: A Place for Good Toys to Call Home


We are pleased to announce that we are all set to open the Good Toy Zone, an area that will give kids a chance to play and interact with Good Toys that have tried, tested and approved by the Good Toy Guide, at Under 1 Roof Kids in Greenwich, London.

The new venture will focus on the play experience but will also include e-commerce purchase points to allow parents who see their children enjoying a particular product to purchase it conveniently through the Good Toy Zone e-portal.

The flexibility of having a toy zone rather than a traditional retail outlet is key, as each toy zone will have its own e-commerce page which can link to local retailers, preferred online outlets or a company’s own website. We believe that this demonstrates the perfect model of how e-commerce and bricks and mortar can work together, rather than in competition.


“Our team have been well aware of the power of experiential marketing and have been demonstrating toys in stores and at events for the last five years. We have seen the demand for this rise and have witnessed first-hand the power of having children and parents playing with products.”

– Dr Amanda Gummer

Our goal is to not only raise the profile of the brands involved in this hands-on approach but also improve the credibility of the products with our trusted, independent expert endorsement and the insight opportunities on offer.

“Toy shops are recognising the need to provide experiences rather than just products on shelves. The demise of Toys R Us provides the industry with an opportunity to do a bit of navel gazing are addressing some of the issues that it faces,” added Dr Gummer.  “The age of the experimental toy zone is well and truly on its way and everyone, especially the children, will benefit.”

We will be providing opportunities to open Good Toy Zones across the country, not only in toy or department stores, but in leisure centres, theme parks, garden centres, and shopping malls.


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