How Fundamentally Children works with PR companies

Great PR works wonders for businesses and we enjoy supporting in-house and agency PRs with their exciting campaigns, helping them to  deliver fantastic exposure. Our expert voice and independent research facilities make us the perfect partner for PR campaigns in the children and family industries.

We already work well with a number of great PR companies, ranging from those focussed solely on children’s businesses, to in-house PRs, and also those agencies with a wider client portfolio but who sometimes produce a family-focussed campaign – take our work with Kelloggs on supporting their media team for example.

When we work with PRs, we want to help to make life easier, so we can provide a menu of services to choose from to suit your needs and requirements.


Those services include:

and a wide range of marketing options.


Helping you win more clients

When pitching for business, we understand how important it is for you to demonstrate a clear understanding of your client’s products, competitors, audience and market.

Our expert team is able to provide you with consultancy and research into all of these areas to enable you both to place yourselves as the experts that you are, while also featuring Fundamentally Children as a respected, well-known name in the industry.

We can ultimately help to win your next pitch by adding credibility to research and media project pitches.



Improved visibility


There are many services we can offer to help you to achieve more impressive, wide reaching results.

Our product evaluation and accreditation service can help to improve media coverage for a range of lines, using the well-respected and widely recognised Good Toy or Good App Guide stamp.

Or perhaps you are launching a news story as part of your campaign. If so, our expert media spokesperson service can help to increase coverage and strengthen messages, thus adding more credibility to your campaign.

Our experts are regularly in the media and we are often asked for comment on products, trends, news stories, etc, so once we are working with you, there are many ad hoc opportunities for your clients to gain extra media coverage.


For example, here’s a news clip of Dr Gummer on Sky News discussing the fidget spinner craze.


Sometimes trying to tap into news stories can be tricky from a manufacturer’s perspective, while independent experts are more regularly called upon to comment and offer quotes, so we can help to raise profiles in a more organic way.



Campaign support

If you are looking to make your everyday PR reach and engage with more people, there are many ways we can assist and support you. Social media support including Facebook live chats with our experts, Twitter parties, either hosted by, or joined by our team, and giveaways on our leading consumer site, are all great ways to spread the net further.

If you have a blog, or news section of your site, we can also write expert articles on all manner of play, parenting and child development topics for you, adding valuable and trusted content.

Articles can also be crafted around your product offering or topics that affect your audience, to include your product lines, and be hosted on our consumer site.


Example of a previous FB Live session with Dr Amanda Gumer


Bespoke offering

Aside from the services outlined above, we are always happy to discuss your needs and suggest bespoke provisions to help you create that campaign to rival all others. Our expertise, knowledge and experience of child development, play and parenting puts us in the perfect situation to advise, guide and support you and your clients’ needs.



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