How we work with Mojo Nation

Mojo Nation, founded in 2017 by ex ToyNews editor, Billy Langsworthy, celebrates the creativity of the toy, game and designer community and accelerates talent, opportunity and ideas for a wide range of inventors from design students to R&D teams within toy firms.


The UK toy and game scene is brimming with incredible design talent, from freelancers, in-house creators and the work being done at inventor agencies, right through to bright design graduates and creative types outside of the industry looking for a chance to pitch new ideas.” – Billy Langsworthy

The organisation works in a number of ways to unite toy companies and designers, to ensure brilliant concepts get the best chance of making it to market. The team runs pitching days, networking events and a range of seminars and talks at key industry events to help make this happen.

The ethos of Mojo Nation is very similar to our own here at Fundamentally Children. They champion great ideas and inventors to help them make fabulous toys, games and children’s products, ultimately making the world a more playful place.

Mojo Nation also runs three annual events of its own, which make up the Play Creator’s Festival, The Toy and Game Design Conference and Mojo Pitch , which puts inventors in front of top toy and game manufacturers, offering both parties the chance to form new partnerships.

Last year Fundamentally Children was delighted to be involved with the event, offering advice and guidance to inventors and designers on what they can do to give their concepts the best chance of success. 


Amanda Gummer, Founder and MD of Fundamentally Children said of the event:

“Innovation is everything in the toy industry and it’s lovely being able to support inventors at the early stage to make sure great ideas don’t miss their mark.”


The Mojo 100 publication shines the light on talent in the most influential figures currently working in the world of toy and game design across five categories: Rising Stars, Research & Development, Design Agencies, Freelance and Design Champions. Fundamentally Children sponsored the freelance category of the 2018 publication.


Talking about the sponsorship, Dr Gummer commented:

“Being involved in the Mojo Nation 100 is a great way for us to publicly show our support and to let designers and inventors know that Fundamentally Children are here to help them understand the children they are designing for.”


Dr Gummer also made it into the 2018 Mojo 100, due to ‘her great work with designers via Fundamentally Children, a company dedicated to helping children develop skills through play.’ Mojo Nation highlighted Fundamentally Children as ‘a vital resource for designers looking to ensure their toys and games are of real value to a child’s play diet; especially when it comes to helping inventors new to the industry properly understand the children they are designing for.’

As a company, Fundamentally Children will continue to support Mojo Nation in their work to champion great inventors, designers and talent in the industry as they help to inject new life and ideas into an already fabulous industry.



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