Meet the team – Oomar Mauthoor

We’ve recently been introducing you to some of the Fundamentally Children Associate Network here on the blog, and now it’s time for the team in the office to take the hot seat. First up is our fabulous digital editor, Oomar Mauthoor.

Also known as the king of SEO, social media algorithms, and anything else tech related, Oomar is an integral part of the team and keeps our sites, social platforms and stats running smoothly.

Over to Oomar…



1 – Could you tell us a bit about your background before you joined Fundamentally Children?

I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in Business and Computing. After uni, I spent some time as a business development Intern at a small start-up in London and after that finished, I went travelling for a while before I came across the internship for a web assistant here at Fundamentally Children.


2 – Could you tell us a bit about your current role?

It has definitely expanded exponentially from when I joined as an intern! I am now the digital editor at Fundamentally Children and there’s never really any days which are the same. I overlook the web and digital marketing assets, so I handle everything from content editing, video producing, digital marketing, online advertising and tech support.


3 – What’s the best thing about working in the children’s industries?

Being able to work alongside like-minded people, we all share the same sentiments when it comes to promoting happy and healthy childhoods and it feels good to be able to contribute to this. 


4 – And the worst?

I don’t really think there’s a downside, I’ve always maintained that you should always enjoy the job you’re in and I enjoy the people I work with and the work that I do. 


5 – Describe working for Fundamentally Children in three words.

Learn through play.


7 – If you didn’t work in your current role, what would you like to be doing and why?

I’d still very much like to think I’d be working in digital media and marketing. I feel that there are lots of avenues and opportunities in comparison to traditional marketing where you can learn and develop new skills, which can give you a unique skill set. You can produce videos, infographics, websites and do so much more. In fact, there’s a lot of areas in which I’d still like to learn and develop in.


8 – What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given from someone in the children’s industries?

I don’t have one from someone within the industry, but one quote that I really like is from Mr Rogers:

“I think it’s very important — no matter what you may do professionally — to keep alive some of the healthy interests of your youth. Children’s play is not just kids’ stuff. Children’s play is rather the stuff of most future inventions.”


9 – What’s your all-time favourite children’s toy or app?

The Sony PlayStation. Solely because till this day, I still possess the original PlayStation and I have bought all the other models including the most recent PlayStation 4 which I still play….when I have time!



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