Introducing the Good Toy Guide Widget

The reputation of the Good Toy Guide as THE go-to resource for advice on toys is growing rapidly. We are proud to support companies who are making ‘Good Toys’ and the benefits of that support are undisputed – having the stamp on a product has been shown to increase intention to buy by 20%.

But our support goes far beyond the stamp of approval. Clients benefit from opportunities for additional brand support via our campaigns and experiential marketing activities and we are now pleased to be able to add even more benefits with the launch of the Good Toy Guide Widget (v1.0).

All of the Good Toy Guide reviews are now available for third party websites enabling clients to benefit even more from having their products independently reviewed. A simple code snippet can be embedded anywhere on a site page, enabling retailers, manufacturers and distributors, to build trust in their products by allowing the audience to immediately see the benefits of products which have been endorsed by the Good Toy Guide.


For retailers, the widget helps to inform, and engage with online customers. A helpful team of shop staff aren’t immediately available in a website environment, but this gives you access to the next best thing – an independent review for your customers to find out the benefits and suitability of a product for their needs.

Toy companies can showcase products’ Good Toy reviews directly on their website, to educate the audience on the play value of products and instil greater confidence in them when it comes to making their buying decisions.

Getting set up with the Widget is simple. Fundamentally Children will send you a customised spreadsheet, comprising only of the products you offer.  This will enable you to find the designated code snippet for each review to embed onto your site. Copy that and past it somewhere visible on your product’s page, and the widget should show immediately.

There are different formats to enable you to choose a design that suits your website, and when consumers expand the widget to read more of the review, the key thing is that they will remain on your site, rather than being directed elsewhere, meaning they are ready to buy once they’ve read our reviews and decided on their products.


Widget Preview

(Click to Enlarge, The First Image displays the Good Toy Guide’s Review of Orchard Toys Build a Beetle)

If you would like to find out more about adding the Good Toy Guide Widget to your site, please get in touch with Oomar –  to discuss further.




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