License Global : Oddbods reach 2m Kids in the UK


An “Oddbods” national campaign shared content with 2 million children through more than 140,000 U.K. preschool teachers, child minders and nursery carers.

The campaign follows an endorsement by Fundamentally Children, which outlines how the animation can be used to promote discussions within the family about different personality types, teaching children about different emotions and, importantly, inspiring imaginative play


Dr Amanda on Fundamentally Children’s Endorsement of Oddbods:


“Our panel of testers loved the fact that all the characters have distinct personalities and that although they don’t talk, you know what they’re trying to say through their expressions.


This is great for developing children’s emotional intelligence and the ways the characters interact also teach children about managing their emotions and embracing each other’s differences, which is an important part of their personal, social and emotional development.”


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