How Fundamentally Children’s expertise spans beyond toys

Although best known as the team behind the Good Toy Guide, our expertise is regularly called upon to support other organisations who include children and families in their target audience.

Many world-leading companies outside of the toy arena have recognised the value of Fundamentally Children’s inside knowledge of the ages and stages of child development, parenting and play, and employed our services to better understand, target and communicate with their consumers.

We are honoured to have such names as McDonald's, Danone, Kelloggs and many more on our books and are proud to have been able to support their campaigns and ventures in a wide variety of ways.

Each and every client who approaches us is treated as an individual and we tailor our services to best support your needs, providing a bespoke and individual approach.


Our on-going partnership with the Happy Studio App has provided McDonald’s creative agency R/GA with timely user testing and input on child development and learning. McDonald's have then used us to help them communicate the benefits of the app to parents providing reassurance and building trust in the brand.


MEC Wavemaker needed expert child development support for the Aptamil commercials they were shooting for Danone.

The firm brought Dr Gummer on board to provide consultancy on the script and child development milestones. She also provided input into the play activities, toys and messaging.

While on set during the filming, she was able to support the crew by suggesting tweaks to the set up which produced more natural interactions between children and parents.

Danone Logo - Case Study Client of Fundamentally Children


Kellogg's’ media agency needed support with interpreting and sharing research on breakfast clubs and exam stress. The research found disturbing numbers of children were missing meals and Kellogg’s were attempting to help address this by donating thousands of breakfasts during exam week.

Fundamentally Children reviewed the research and provided expert comments to help communicate the findings to the wider public. Dr Amanda Gummer supported a media day with in-studio and down the line interviews for a large number of local and national media outlets.

DHX Brands

DHX Brands was looking to introduce a new expert-endorsed sub-category targeting the younger end of the preschool sector.

The company created the First Stepper's framework to provide a clearer definition of the six months to 2½ years age range and, in doing so, offer guidance and unlock fresh opportunities for licensees, retailers and consumers.

DHX enlisted the help of Fundamentally Children to provide evidence of the developmental characteristics of children in the 6 mths to 2.5 year age range, as well as identifying issues faced by parents of that age group. We were then engaged to present the results to the industry to highlight consumer needs and opportunities for retailers, manufacturers and licensors to benefit from this research.


Morrisons had commissioned research into children's ability to dress themselves as part of a campaign to promote its Nutmeg Children's clothing. The company required an expert in child development to make sense of the research and answer media questions about it during a radio day.

Dr Gummer worked with Morrisons as an expert, independent media spokesperson to add credibility and answer media questions around child development, with a focus on children dressing themselves. As advocates of promoting children’s independence through well-designed products, we were the ideal partner for the project and were able to provide authentic, well-researched comments to the media.


These are just a few of the ways we’ve supported companies in better understanding, communicating and developing products for children and families.

We love working with innovative, forward-thinking companies, who are putting children at the heart of what they do. So before you plan your next family-facing campaign, talk to us…


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