The Power of Experiential Marketing

The budget of a marketer has a long way to stretch. With new digital options presenting themselves constantly, alongside the more traditional, yet still effective methods, it can be difficult to decide where best to focus spend.



Gone are the days when a TV ad scheduled across children’s channels put your product top of the wish lists. Children are across so many platforms now and messages are easily diluted. Unless you have an enormous spend, it’s almost impossible for your brand to be across all touchpoints.

In our increasingly digital world, however, it can be difficult to get the fun and play value of products across to audiences who see multiple products on a daily basis. The key thing about play, is that it really needs to be experienced to convey the essence of the product – fun and excitement – to children.

And we strongly believe this holds the answer for the brand manager in the children’s space – experiential marketing. There really is no substitute for getting products into children’s hands.

Getting involved with family events provides you with the all-important interaction with your products and brand.



Experiencing products forms an emotional connection for consumers. If they enjoy playing, your brand will carry a positive connection and when they next come into contact with your company, they will recall those emotive responses.

By providing a hands-on play opportunity, as well as talking to consumers about your company and its products, you create an environment where your audience can become fully immersed in your brand. This immersion allows you to engage all of your audience’s senses. In itself, this is a powerful way to help to keep you at the forefront of consumers’ minds, as opposed to simply engaging sight and/or sound in traditional ads.

Attending events with fully trained experts and brand advocates allows you to meet parents and children in person, enabling you to engage in a two-way conversation with them, explaining the full product benefits and answering queries and concerns then and there.

Direct experience of products has also been shown to make consumers more likely to talk about them. And we all know the importance of word of mouth.



It’s difficult to ignore the plethora of advantages brought about by experiential marketing, which is why Fundamentally Children attends a series of family events each year to enable our clients to incorporate this all-important marketing into their plan, with the added benefit of a team of independent experts backing their brands.

This year, the experts at Fundamentally Children will be on the road again at a range of fabulous family events. We’ll be taking brands directly into the hands of children and their parents and we’d be delighted to take yours along with us.

But if you still need convincing of the power of experience, here are some of the clients we have worked with at events in the past to relay their experiences:


“We worked with Fundamentally Children throughout the summer festival events, it was a great way to inspire children to play at family festivals with our amazing costumes and motivate children to read within the Rubie’s book corner.

Fundamentally Children worked really hard to make sure the space was perfect for children to play and have fun. All events were a great success and the team were amazing to work with.” 

Danielle Costello – Rubie’s UK


  “We have been delighted with the response we have received throughout the summer festival programme within the Good Toy Zone. 

Having an opportunity to witness adults and children playing and interacting so positively with our product in such a fantastic setting is incredibly rewarding. 

The team at The Good Toy Guide have done a great job pulling these events together and the social media and marketing support received for our brands throughout has been second to none”

Nikki Jeffery – Geomagworld


If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved and benefit from all of the advantages of experiential marketing, please get in touch with Lauren Archer.





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