Creating brand superfans and ambassadors

One of the key ingredients in the recipe for a successful business is customer loyalty. And once you created a group of loyal customers and followers, you’re a step closer to creating superfans for your business. There is a number of different types of brand superfans, ranging from the general public to social media influencers,
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Building your brand credibility

Among the top priorities when putting together both business and marketing plans, should be how to build credibility in your business. It’s important for both trade and consumer audiences to trust you will do what you say you will, that you understand your market, that your products are beneficial to their users, and that you
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Meet the team – Rebecca Alfandary

The fourth person to take the ‘Meet the team’ hot seat is Rebecca Alfandary, who works in Business Development in the nursery and education sectors. Rebecca joined the team at the end of 2018 and has hit the ground running, building great relationships with exciting new clients, and brings her extensive knowledge of the education
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Creating truly eco-friendly toys

With such a huge focus on green products at the moment, it’s easy for people to place blame on certain industries. And unfortunately, the children’s industries are an easy target. A large proportion of modern toys are created from plastic, there is often a large amount of packaging to allow try-me functions and such like,
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