Building your brand credibility

Among the top priorities when putting together both business and marketing plans, should be how to build credibility in your business.

It’s important for both trade and consumer audiences to trust you will do what you say you will, that you understand your market, that your products are beneficial to their users, and that you will look after your consumers, among many other aspects.

When all of these individual pieces of the puzzle come together in your organisation, you will begin to build on your credibility, trust and general standing. Integrity and reliability are as we all know, among the key building blocks to a successful enterprise, so here are some of our key tips for building those foundations, regardless of the age or stage of your company.


Professional branding


First and foremost, you need to ensure that your branding, colour palette, logos, brand names etc, are all consistent across all of your communications so that your company and brands are instantly recognisable.


Consistent, relatable messaging

Your communications, whether they are on your website, literature, direct marketing, social media, or even packaging, need to be consistent in order for you to build credibility. It’s also a good strategy to create relatable content, which resonates with your audience. Consumer research can help to give a greater understanding of your target audience to help tailor this messaging to relate to them.


Offering value

A very simple one – People buying your products/services must be receiving value for money in order for your brand to be credible and have longevity and return custom.


Understand your market through and through

To be a credible brand, you need to understand your product’s market, how it is perceived by your customers, your competition and everything in between. Consumer and market research will help you to achieve this through every stage of your product development and branding. Fundamentally Children offers a wide range of bespoke research products to help you to fully understand your market and ensure your products are perfect at launch.


Shout about your successes


Testimonials and case studies from customers and clients are the perfect way to build credibility into your branding. Showing that a company or individual has been satisfied with your services is the ideal objective view of your brand.


Expert endorsement

Having your product endorsed by an expert in your industry adds credibility, trust and a valuable objective review of your offering. The Good Toy and App Guides offer this service with thorough, reliable testing from both experts and children. Research has shown that the Good Toy Guide stamp increases the intention to buy by a huge 20 per cent.


Partnering with other credible brands in your space


Finding other credible companies with a similar customer base, offering a different product who can work together with you will help firstly to build brand awareness, but also to build reliability. If the customers are happy with the other company’s service, when they see a relationship between the two of you, they are more likely to try your services too.


Be part of your industry

Whether it’s trade shows, getting to know the trade press, or attending networking events, it’s really important to be a part of your industry. Being involved with others in the same area of business is likely to open opportunities, build partnerships and build brand integrity. Fundamentally Children can support trade press relations with an expert comment to help form those PR relationships.


Gold standard service


Even more so than creating great products, your customer service is incredibly important to increase your brand’s standing. Even if customers aren’t happy with a product, your reaction to complaints and how you deal with them is what is likely to be remembered next time they come across your company and can neutralise negative experiences.


Listen to your customers

Finding out what your customers want, what is important to them, and responding accordingly when they talk to you, is one of the easiest ways to build trust.

There is so much you can incorporate into general business practice as well as marketing campaigns to build the credibility of your brand, and in turn, gain the trust of your consumers. Some are free and inexpensive, others will carry a cost, but all will help to boost your standing within your industry and to your target audience.




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