Huffington Post – Is this this Snapchat filter harmless or traumatic?

Dr Amanda Gummer has shared her thoughts with the Huffington Post on a new Snapchat filter that portrays an animated spider that crawls across people’s faces. 

The filter has been gaining virility as parents are using this filter on their children’s faces, which has sparked a debate on whether this is just harmless fun or traumatic? 


Dr Amanda has states that, 

“If you’re considering playing a scary prank on your child, assess whether they’ll be able to handle it emotionally.

You know your children. If they are generally happy, safe, secure, they know they’re loved and they feel okay in themselves, then it’s probably not going to do any lasting damage. But if they’re vulnerable, struggling or even just having a bad day, it could have negative repercussions.
In general, you do need to be able to play a prank on a child and help them learn it’s just a joke. So it’s worth assessing how they react to scary jokes. If the child is inconsolable and has nightmares for weeks afterwards, you’ve probably got someone who’s a bit more sensitive and needs a bit more caution around those kinds of issues.”

You can read the full-length article on ‘Is the Spider on Face Snapchat filter Harmless or Traumatic on the Huffington Post Website



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