New Voice App Review Hub in Partnership with Creativity, Inc. for Good App Guide

The respected review site will now offer parents and educators a trusted one-stop shop to discover and learn about high-quality family-friendly voice apps.

 The Good App Guide, the UK’s respected review site for children’s apps, has expanded its app product coverage to include voice apps as part of their international expansion plans.

The establishment of this new Voice App Hub is made possible as part of a strategic partnership with Creativity, Inc.

The goal of the Good App Guide’s Voice App Hub will be to provide a centralized source of information about voice apps, with advice for parents, educators and the brands and developers producing voice apps.

Powered by the Good Play Guide’s trusted child and expert testing process, the Voice App Hub will be a one-stop shop for anyone wanting to learn more about and find high quality family friendly voice apps. 

Though kids and families have quickly adopted voice-first platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, voice apps can be difficult to find in an app store and many parents are still unsure about them and how best to use them. 

“Voice apps and connected products are expanding rapidly but as yet the market is fragmented and consumers don’t know where to go for advice and to find new innovations,” Good Play Guide Founder and CEO Dr Amanda Gummer about the opportunity. “The Good App Guide’s Voice App Hub will provide a much-needed solution that enables parents to test and adopt new voice app experiences for their children with confidence.” 

The Voice App Hub will also provide much-needed discoverability opportunities for developers and brands who want to reach parents and drive engagement for their experiences.

Creativity, Inc., an expert developer of kids’ interactive experiences including more than 30 published voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, will provide voice-first design expertise and advice as well as a link to the voice development community. 

“The Voice App Hub provides an easy-to-navigate portal with independent reviews by play experts and the children who will play with them to help communicate the benefits of your app directly to your target market,” said Caitlin Gutekunst, Creativity’s Senior Director of Marketing and Development. “App developers can receive helpful feedback on their product and earn a valuable stamp of approval to help them market their experiences.”

The Good App Guide’s Voice App Hub is now accepting submissions for review and those submitting apps for review before 30th September 2020 can benefit from a £75/$100 discount and all the PR surrounding the launch of the hub in September.

Click here to learn more or submit your app  

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