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Whether you’re launching your first app or the next in a large portfolio, we can help you to get seen in the crowded marketplace of children’s apps. Perhaps you are looking for expert endorsement in the Good App Guide, research into your target market, user testing, or even consultancy into ages and stages of development, we can help with all of these and more. We love to work with app companies to help them get the best product possible to market, and then to get that app in front of the right consumers.


What we have to offer



Consultancy during product development on ages and stages of development, play patterns, benefits of play and competitors.

Evaluation and Accreditation

We can evaluate all children’s apps, offering a comprehensive report, scores in key categories and, if the criteria are met, a place in the Good App Guide, and the use of the sought-after stamp of approval. We are also able to carry out testing on prototypes and first issues to help iron out any teething problems and allow you to launch with an extra bang


We have a range of consumer events that app companies approved by the Good App Guide can get involved with. Firms can include their products on the Fundamentally Children stand for families to play with and learn about in a fun, relaxed environment, with the extra endorsement of the FC team.

Pre-production Services

At concept stage, we can test your ideas with your target audience, and we recommend repeating that process at prototype stages and final product stage too, to allow you to iron out any issues that may arise in usability and appeal. We can help your team to better understand their consumer with targeted child development training, making sure they know how best to entice, entertain and ultimately design your lines for success. We can also offer competitor research to ensure you have a truly original and unique product with a clear route to market..

User Research

Research at any stage of development, or as part of a range evaluation can be carried out with key consumers, either on a quantitative or qualitative basis. We can also user test your marketing campaigns, or look into recent issues or trends. Above all, we will provide comprehensive, targeted results.

Expert Editorials

Your apps can be included in features aimed at your relevant category, or in pieces which look at how apps can help children with different types of skills, or even those looking at wider issues affecting the digital children’s industries.

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