Brand Managers and Creative Agencies

Making sure your brand message, or that of your client is hitting the right notes with consumers is your key to success. We can assist you in reaching that goal in many ways, from audience research and expert consultancy at conception, right up to user testing in the final stages to make sure your message is well received and iron out any glitches. We also offer a range of marketing services, enabling you to utilise our independent experts to communicate your message, from experiential marketing and sales, to shared advertising, to expert media spokespeople to work on your campaigns. 


What we have to offer



Consultancy on child development milestones. Reviewing PR and ad campaign scripts for accuracy and accessibility. Support with filming and offering advice on engaging children in playful activities to capture the best footage. Providing expert comment for campaigns.

Also, why not sign up for our Good Toy or App Guide Endorsed Company Scheme, and benefit from having a full range of products approved, giving your brand the recognition it deserves!


Evaluation and Accreditation

We can provide accreditation for your client’s products to help add extra weight to your PR campaigns, and add an extra string to your campaign bow.


Our events can help to add a fun, engaging element to your PR campaign, including experts in child development into experiential marketing to give your client’s products a real boost

Pre-production Services

An ad campaign needs to resonate with either children or parents in order to give the maximum ROI. If you want to test your concepts at storyboard or rough cut stage, we can provide the audience and the insight to ensure that your campaign is impactful and memorable to the audience you are aiming to reach.

Understanding your audience and your competitors is the key to shaping your brand into the best it can be. We are able to provide insight prior to a brand launching to help you to launch with a bang. We can also help to provide feedback on an existing brand prior to rebranding, to help you to position it perfectly.

User Research

Quantitative research into target markets can produce newsworthy stats and findings that can put your clients on the top of the news agenda. We can also work with you to find out how impactful marketing campaigns are, what catches children’s attention and how to best reach them. Research at any stage of development, or as part of a range evaluation can be carried out with key consumers, either on a quantitative or qualitative basis. We can also user test your marketing campaigns, or look into recent issues or trends. Above all, we will provide comprehensive, targeted results

Expert Media Spokesperson

If you are putting together a PR campaign for a client and need an independent voice to support their story, our experts can offer comments and quotes to help add credibility. Once your story has been sent to the press, we can be on hand to offer radio, TV and press interviews on your behalf. We can also support your clients by dealing with media requests in response to negative news with crisis management.

Retail Play Days

If you are looking to gain extra exposure for a client with lines in the Good Toy Guide, we can take along samples of their lines to share with consumers. We will explain the benefits and USPs of the products and let families play with, and enjoy them.


Agencies working with companies in the children’s industries, need a clear understanding of child development and play, in order to put together expert and relatable campaigns and materials. We can provide seminars on targeted products and their relevance to child development and play, or a broader overview of how children play, develop and grow, which can then be applied to a range of products.

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