We have worked alongside many reputable brands across a number of industries. Take a look at the projects we have worked on...

Playmobil New Concept Prototype Testing With Children and Parents Case Study

    Producer of the internationally award-winning PLAYMOBIL® had developed a new concept and wanted to test the reactions of children and parents, to decide whether to further invest in the product We tested a minimum viable product with 10 children and collected feedback from parents in the UK, including co-creation with children and video-recorded
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Ravensburger Case Study

Ravensburger was looking for ways to raise brand awareness for GraviTrax and build loyal customers. The company decided to engage with our consumer events programme in 2019 as a way to achieve these goals.  The Good Toy Guide team demonstrated GraviTrax to 55,000 people at CarFest South, helping to create loyal and engaged fans of
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Kuato Studios Case Study

Kuato Studios, a creative studio focused on engaging children in narrative learning play through apps, was looking to gain insight on a range of topics for two of their hero apps through quantitative and qualitative research. The first app was a prototype close to launch, and Kuato wanted to understand what children liked and disliked
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Morphun Lesson Plans Case Study

We have worked with Morphun for several years, providing lesson plans to support their construction sets. Most recently, we created and tested lesson plans for their new Gears, Chains & Pulleys set. Morphun construction blocks use a patented side-joining design for more possibilities when building. The growing educational range includes sets to encourage maths, literacy
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Caloo – Research & Insights

Caloo ltd are leading Play and Fitness equipment providers within the UK. They are keen to make child development the forefront of their focus when adding new play equipment within their range, so that clients, parents and councillors can be sure the equipment they are having installed is beneficial to children’s learning and development. Play equipment
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Danone Logo - Case Study Client of Fundamentally Children

Danone – Media support and consultancy

MEC Wavemaker needed expert child development support for the Aptamil commercials they were shooting for Danone. Dr Gummer provided consultancy on the script, child development milestones as well as being on the set to facilitate natural, engaging filming.  Consultancy on child development milestonesReviewing advert scripts for accuracy and accessibilitySupporting the filming with advice on engaging
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Kelloggs Case Study

Kellogg’s media agency needed support with interpreting and sharing research on their breakfast clubs and exam stress. Fundamentally Children reviewed the research and provided expert comments to help communicate the findings to the wider public. Dr Amanda Gummer also supported a media day with in-studio and down the line interviews for a large number of
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