Children’s Activity Providers

We are founding members of the Children’s Activities Association and are the accrediting body for all activity providers who are recommended by the association. Our team of experts will come in to your classes to check that your activities are age-appropriate, fun, safe, helping to provide learning opportunities and much more. Once accredited you can proudly display your stamp and will benefit from all of the member opportunities provided by the CAA, as well as being able to offer parents peace of mind that you are providing great activities for children.


What we have to offer


Pre-production Services

If you are planning a new class, group or activity, it’s essential to research your ideas first to ensure there is a space for you in the market. We can provide competitor research both locally and nationally. We offer training on the ages and stages of development, to ensure your new concept is both fun and developmentally suitable for your audience. We are also able to test concepts out with children and their parents to give you an idea of how your new idea will work with your consumers.


A knowledge of how children develop and play can help you to tailor your activities and classes to your audience. This in turn will help them to enjoy your service more and will keep them coming back to you and recommending your business. Our seminars can be tailored to the age groups that you deal with, and how to help them to develop key skills through play and fun, and also how to communicate these benefits to parents and in your marketing.


When creating and planning activities and classes for children and their families, it’s key to understand each age group that you are working with and where they are in terms of development. This will help you to make classes fun, entertaining and help to develop skills, and ultimately to keep your clients returning. We can offer bespoke training for your area of activities and target age group, giving you a clearer understanding of children and their families.



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