Many businesses need a better understanding of child development, play and parenting, but don’t know where to find that expertise. That’s where we come in. Whether you need seminars for your clients, training for your staff, or even consultancy on your services, we have a team of experts at hand to ensure your needs are fully met.


What we have to offer



We can offer consultancy on any aspect of child development or parenting for companies who have families and children as part of their audience and need advice on the best way to communicate, market, or present to them.


Children can impact almost any business. So it is important to understand the needs of working parents, within your organisation or the end users (many of who are parents or grandparents) and by doing so will enable you to create an efficient and supportive internal culture for your employees as well as producing products that consumers will love!


Seminars which help your staff to understand families, children, child development and play, can help in a huge range of ways. It can help senior staff to better manage their teams, all staff to better service clients, and your company as a whole to create a range of services which appeal to families, parents and children.


If you work on any level with children and families, be they your key audience, or just a part of the bigger picture, a full understanding is essential. You could be a bank, designing family or child accounts and needing the knowledge to clearly market your product. Or perhaps you are a school who needs to educate and help the parents or children in a specific area. You could be a shopping centre who is looking to improve your services to attract family shoppers. The list is endless, but we can help to train you and your staff on child development, play and parenting, in order to help you better and more easily reach your goals.


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