August 9, 2018

Event Organisers

If you’re launching a family event, or even looking to attract families to a wider audience event, you need to make sure that everything you’re including is right for them.

We can provide expert consultancy during the concept stage on the ages and stages of child development, play and much more to help you ensure your offering is ticking the right boxes.

We also provide play tents within family events filled with our expert endorsed Good Toys to keep children (and therefore their parents) happy and entertained. We can provide training to help ensure your staff understand and communicate well with visitors, resulting in a successful event and happy customers.


What we have to offer


Pre-production Services

If you’re launching a new event, we can help you to understand what families are looking for in a day out. We can find out what would convince them to book tickets, what they would love to experience, and what are their key points when attending family events. We can also help you to tailor your event to be developmentally suitable for the children you are targeting to ensure you entertain them and keep them and their parents happy.

User Testing

Find out what families want from your event, what they expect to spend when attending, what would make them buy a ticket, what they would expect to find and what would make them come back again and again.


When planning a family or children’s event, it’s key for you to understand your audience to ensure that they book tickets and enjoy the day when they turn up. A knowledge of child development and families will also help you to plan your event, the activities, speakers, exhibitors and more in the best way to attract your target audience.


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