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Our consumer website, has 20,000+ unique users and 45,000+ page views on average each month. The parents and carers who use our site trust our expertise and knowledge and use Fundamentally Children as a source of insight and advice on all things children.

As owners of the Good Toy and App Guides, we often write features on different market categories and issues, highlighting Good Toys and Apps in each. If your product has been evaluated and accredited by us, you can go on to be included in one of our expert editorials.

Appearing in our features not only highlights your products to our targeted, engaged audience, but also adds to your credibility as it is being recommended by independent experts.

We also run regular campaigns, such as the Christmas campaign, a travel campaign, and our most recent Fun4All campaign, which will always include plans for product based features to be included in the theme.


What we have to offer


Toy Companies & Inventors

We can include your products in gift guides, features which discuss your relevant toy category, or as part of a larger issue piece, whereby we are giving advice on how to balance the play diet, or help children to learn certain life skills, etc.

App Companies

Your apps can be included in features aimed at your relevant category, or in pieces which look at how apps can help children with different types of skills, or even those looking at wider issues affecting the digital children’s industries.


Examples of our Work

2017 Christmas Campaign – The Christmas campaign consisted of a selection of gift guides and the new Present Finder. Both the guides and present finder presented Good Toy options for every age and price bracket via the website and social media channels.

The campaign reached 100,000 people, while the Good Toy Guide reviews for the featured products saw a valuable increase in views of over 500 per cent.


What our clients think

“What an incredible amount of coverage! Thanks for [including] us!”

“What a great campaign!”

“The team just wanted to say a big thank you for the kind mention of our app in your ‘Top Language Apps’ and ’12 Apps for Christmas’ features . We saw a sharp increase in sales this week and we feel your support helped”


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