How much does it cost to have an App or Toy reviewed?

A single product review costs £280 but can be fast-tracked to ensure the review is completed within 3 weeks for an extra £100. All prices are subject to VAT.

I have lots of similar products - do I need to have them all review individually?

Not necessarily.

We have options to review whole ranges of products that have identical play patterns.

For example, if you have building blocks and they come in different colours or pack sizes, we can review a selection (always at least 10% of the total range) and base our endorsement for the whole range on that review.

Our team can discuss the options to ensure you get the most appropriate and cost-effective option.

How do you review the products?

All products are tested on at least 4 occasions with different children.

Children’s play is observed and recorded, normally by our trained play club partners who are vigilant about not asking leading questions and making sure they don’t influence the children’s play.

Our experts then compile the reports from the four tests and add in their own comments, identifying the key skills that were encouraged and any other points that parents should be aware of.

If we use you for Research or Consultancy services during the development, will my product automatically be endorsed and included in the guide?


The testing is entirely independent and we use children in our play clubs to test products for the Guides - if we’ve carried out research with children as part of your development process we’d use different children for the accreditation.

That said, if we’ve helped you with the development and you’ve implemented our recommendations, we’d be very disappointed if it didn’t get endorsed, but they are the rules and we’d not compromise the integrity of the reviews for anything.

How are the Products displayed on the website?

By Date Order

I've had new packaging designed, can I update the listing in the guide or would it need a retest?

You can update the images and description as long as the actual product and its play patterns haven’t changed.

We charge a small admin fee of £75 for this.

This also refreshes the date of the review so brings the product back up towards the top of the search results.

My App / Toy isn't overly-educational, is it still worth submitting?


We believe that most toys help children develop in one way or another.

A toy that makes children laugh helps them learn what makes themselves happy.

Open-ended play is also really beneficial so toys don’t need to have a learning outcome to be considered a ‘Good Toy’.

My App / Toy is designed for children with additional needs can I still submit it?


We have play club partners who have children with additional needs in their settings and we have the facilities to include children with additional needs in the testing group.

Should you want a more in-depth report specifically looking at how children with additional needs engage with your product we can provide a detailed product report, which has much more detail than the usual review.

The Detailed Product Reviews start from £1000 +VAT and our team would be happy to discuss this with you.



We promise to respond within 1-3 Working Days

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