Aldwickbury School Case Study

Brief & Background

Aldwickbury School wanted to offer the opportunity for the parents of its to attend interactive seminars on a range of topics, including play and preparing children for starting school. Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide has been working with the school since 2014 to support parents and bring the school community together.

Summary of services provided

  • ‘How to prepare your child for school’ seminar - delivered in the spring of each year since 2014 to parents of children about to start in pre-prep. This seminar offers tips and advice to help children better cope with this big transition. 
  • ‘Balanced Play and mental health’ seminar – this is designed for parents of all children at the school, regardless of age.  The seminar focuses on the importance of giving children a balance of play activities and explores the role of play in positive mental health.
  • ‘Choosing good toys’ seminar - presented in the run up to Christmas, this topic helps parents understand how different types of toys promote distinct areas of play and the development of varying skills.


“Thank you so much for coming last night – everyone we spoke to really enjoyed it and found it very useful.”

How we helped

  • We were pleased to receive feedback that our seminars promote home-school communication and develop the sense of community.
  • Parents feel more empowered and confident in facing common challenges.
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