BTHA Case Study

Brief & Background

As part of their Make Time 2 Play initiative to promote the value of play for children, the British Toy & Hobby Association (BTHA) asked us to create an evidence-based, flexible framework focusing on Toys as the Tools of Play. This framework can be used by their members - who account for over 90% of toy manufacturers in the UK - to identify and understand the benefits of their toys.

Summary of services provided

  • A literature review of the evidence connecting toys with seven key skills
  • A flexible framework generated from the evidence reviewed

How we helped

We began by developing a skill framework that covered the key skills that children are developing, working with the BTHA to ensure this aligned with their own benefits of play model. We then carried out a literature review exploring which toys and play patterns were linked with the final seven skill areas.

We combined our knowledge of development through play with the literature review to map the skills onto 36 toy categories. The final framework included a breakdown of the potential benefits of each toy type, as well as an ages and stages skill chart to help users of the framework understand where their product fits into a child’s journey of development.

Fundamentally Children produced a detailed, well-structured study which was on point with our brief. They also contributed their own innovative ideas for the project, whilst maintaining good communication with us throughout the process

Rebecca Deeming, PR Manager at the BTHA

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