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Brief & Background

Caloo ltd are leading Play and Fitness equipment providers within the UK. They are keen to make child development the forefront of their focus when adding new play equipment within their range, so that clients, parents and councillors can be sure the equipment they are having installed is beneficial to children’s learning and development.

Summary of services provided

  • Play equipment skill audit across all current ranges
  • A workshop by Dr Amanda Gummer on the Ages and Stages of child development
  • Lesson plans to support the English National Curriculum
  • Activity plans for parents and playground supervisors
  • Expert quotes for tender submissions and blog posts

How we helped

Our skill audit across Caloo’s playground equipment range covered three areas of skill development; Physical, Cognitive, and Social and Emotional. We rated to what extent each piece of equipment supported skills within these areas and awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze badges to reflect the breadth and depth of development supported. These badges now appear on the Caloo website alongside all of the playground equipment products.

Dr Amanda Gummer also presented a workshop at Caloo’s headquarters, helping the design, sales and marketing teams understand the children they are creating products for. We’re certain they won’t forget us quickly - she had a room of adults down on their knees so they could see a child’s view of the world (and the playground) for themselves!

We have also provided lesson plans, which are structured to suit different levels of ability and link to objectives from England’s National Curriculum, and activity plans to support softer skills (such as team work). Our ongoing relationship with Caloo means that we can provide these plans for bespoke playground designs and add extra value to tender submissions; we are also always on hand to provide an independent, expert voice when it is needed.

"Having worked with the team at Fundamentally Children over 3 years we have found the service and wealth of knowledge second to none. Working with Fundamentally Children to rate our commercial playground product range has seen our client base grow and grow and the teams flexible, quick and creative approach has helped give us a competitive advantage. Thank you for helping us stand out from the crowd."

- Andrew Kime, Director of Caloo/Monster Play

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