Danone – Media support and consultancy

Brief & Background

MEC Wavemaker needed expert child development support for the Aptamil commercials they were shooting for Danone. Dr Gummer provided consultancy on the script, child development milestones as well as being on the set to facilitate natural, engaging filming. 

Summary of services provided

  • Consultancy on child development milestones
  • Reviewing advert scripts for accuracy and accessibility
  • Supporting the filming with advice on engaging children in playful activities to capture the best footage

How we helped

An aspirational, scientific brand such as Aptamil required a specific, evidence based approach to their adverts. The use of the Fundamentally Children experts ensured that all the developmental information was accurate and portrayed in a way that parents could relate to as well as fitting in with the brand's image. Involved with the production of the adverts from the concept stages, Dr Gummer was able to provide advice on appropriate themes for the series and the implications of different filming styles and venues. She also provided input into the play activities, toys and messaging. Whilst on set during the filming, she was able to support the film crew by suggesting tweaks to the set up that produced more natural interactions between the children and their parents. 

"Thank you so much again for all your valuable input, expertise and patience on this project."

- Monica Riley, MEC

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