Fundamentally Children Christmas Campaign 2017

Brief & Background

Every year Fundamentally Children roll out a number of resources for UK consumers to ensure every child’s stocking is filled with ‘Good Toys’.

In 2017, this consisted of a selection of Gift Guides and our brand new Present Finder. The idea behind both the Guides and Present Finder were to present Good Toy options for every age and price bracket, via the website and social media channels. One of the main sources of traffic, as always, was the mega bundle Good Toy Guide Christmas Giveaway.

Summary of services provided

  • Shared advertising on
  • Shared and exclusive advertising on social channels
  • PR and brand support through Good Toy Guide endorsement

How we helped

The team at Fundamentally Children developed a unique selection of resources in the form of Gift Guides and the Present Finder to highlight Good Toys to UK consumers on the run-up to the Christmas in 2017, and increase exposure for featured products during a famously over-crowded season for advertising. Backed by the independent, endorsement of the experts at Fundamentally Children, a unique marketing opportunity was offered exclusively to products in the Guide.

The campaign in total reached just shy of 100,000 people, far exceeding expectations. More importantly, the Good Toy Guide reviews for the featured products saw a valuable increase in views of over 500%.

“What an incredible amount of coverage! Thanks for [including] us!” 

- Laura at Fiesta Crafts


“What a great campaign!” 

- Karen at Strider Bike UK

From Consumer Events to Online Campaigns, we welcome and encourage opportunities of shared advertising with our clients and peers to help maximise reach and engagement with audiences!

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