Kelloggs Case Study

Brief & Background

Kelloggs Media Day

Kellogg's media agency needed support with interpreting and sharing research on their breakfast clubs and exam stress. Fundamentally Children reviewed the research and provided expert comments to help communicate the findings to the wider public. Dr Amanda Gummer also supported a media day with in-studio and down the line interviews for a large number of local and national media outlets. 

Summary of services provided

How we helped

Kelloggs had commissioned a piece of research into exam stress in primary children and factors affecting their performance on SATS. The research found that disturbing numbers of children were missing meals and Kelloggs are attempting to help address this by donating thousands of breakfasts during exam week. Their campaign highlighted the findings of the research that included children losing sleep, skipping meals to revise and not eating breakfast and asked Fundamentally Children to lend their expert voice to the campaign to support parents in creating a healthy, supportive environment for their children, especially during exam periods. 

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