Kuato Studios Case Study

Brief & Background

Kuato Studios, a creative studio focused on engaging children in narrative learning play through apps, was looking to gain insight on a range of topics for two of their hero apps through quantitative and qualitative research.

The first app was a prototype close to launch, and Kuato wanted to understand what children liked and disliked about it and what worked well and didn’t work so well.

The second app was already launched in the App Store and Kuato was again looking to find out what children liked and disliked, and also how the in-app purchases could be improved to encourage more user downloads.

Summary of services provided

  • Parent and child user testing of two apps
  • Parent survey about the apps
  • Detailed expert report


Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide’s research was thorough and well-managed throughout. The insight into our US audience helped us make informed decisions about our pricing and advertising.

The feedback from children and parents has given us valuable evidence needed to guide the ongoing development of one of our hero apps. Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide is a key resource for us and we recommend getting them involved early in the design process.

How we helped

  • We carried out observed play sessions with children for both apps to enable us to understand how children played with the apps and what they liked about them, what they felt could be improved. This also gave us the chance to gain insight into any usability issues.
  • We also executed in-home testing, moderated by parents, to collect feedback from children over a longer play period. This opportunity was also used to gain insight from parents about what they liked about the app and areas they identified as needing improvement.
  • We carried out a survey of 800 US parents to enable us to understand requirements for children’s apps, as well as purchasing habits and preferences.

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