Teaching Materials For Educational Apps Case Study


  • Moilo produces story-driven content for children and wanted to support teachers to help them make the best use of two of their apps, Moka Mera Emotions and Moka Mera Lingua
  • We tested the apps to understand their appeal and ease of use. We also provided four lesson plans for each app, based on the English Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with some input from the Finnish educational system
  • The client found the work very valuable and is looking to use these resources to help get their apps into schools

Brief & Background

Moilo is a creative company with a mission to enhance children’s development and cognitive learning. They produce story-driven content for children aged up to 12 years across multiple platforms, including apps. Their content is based on the Finnish educational system, coupled with a sensitivity towards children and their needs in different contexts.

They wanted to work with a partner that specialises in content for children, with a broad experience, a large network and a track record of working with the leading companies in the field. They also wanted to have the apps reviewed from a professional and independent perspective and somebody familiar with creating lesson plans. 

After meeting Amanda at the Children's Media Conference in Sheffield, the client chose to work with us because they knew we had worked with well-known companies, had broad previous experience, and shared their values of encouraging learning through play.

Lesson Plan for Different Ages and Nationalities

We provided four lesson plans involving two of their apps, Moka Mera Emotions and Moka Mera Lingua, for three to seven year-olds. The Moka Mera Emotions lesson plans focused on emotional development, such as naming emotions, thinking about how these feel, or what might cause them. The lesson plans for Moka Mera Lingua, a foreign languages app, included activities to help children practice the words they had learned from the app.

It was a challenge to make sure the lesson plans were suitable across such a broad age range. This was achieved by creating simple activities with plenty of opportunities for extension, to suit a range of abilities. The plans were loosely based on the English Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, with some input from the Finnish educational system. For example, as children in Finland don’t focus on reading and writing until age seven, all lesson plans were based on discussion, hands-on and visual activities. 

The first draft of the lesson plans were then reviewed by teachers and further developed to ensure the activities would be practical and beneficial in the classroom. We also tested the apps in-home and reviewed them for the Good App Guide, rating them on Fun, Skills Developed, and Ease of Use.

Efficient, smooth, trustworthy and professional. Very joyful experience, with very good communication and very much customer orientated! We really appreciate the sense for details, and that all our comments (hundreds of comments!) were taken into consideration.  So a BIG THANK YOU for your work, it has been really nice working with you Anna and Amanda!”

- Petra Holm, Co-founder & CEO for Moilo

Testing and Development in the Future

The client told us that they have learned a lot from this work and it has been very valuable for them. It’s too early to tell what impact it will have but we are already planning to do further testing and development of the lesson plans in the near future.


How Teaching Materials Can Help You

If you are looking to get your product into schools, supporting materials such as lesson plans can help highlight the benefits of your product to teachers. This means that your product is more likely to be taken seriously as an educational product in this very competitive market. 

We can help develop these materials in line with the English National Curriculum, from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Key Stages 1 and 2. We can also help you get feedback from teachers, to improve the designs further and provide genuine testimonials to give schools greater confidence in your product.

Email research@goodplayguide.com to find out more about our lesson plans and other consultancy services.


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