Mothercare Staff Training

Brief & Background

Mothercare wanted to upskill staff with expert information and knowledge on the following areas:

- Ages and Stages of child development in the early years.

- The importance of a balanced Play Diet.

- How we can support a child's development with play and toys.


Summary of Services Provided

  • An interactive and informative head office staff training seminar.
  • Approximately 70 attendees.
  • Videoed for further in house staff training.

“Thank you so much for coming to Mothercare and presenting to the teams. A great session - my colleagues really enjoyed it."

- Elizabeth day, Mothercare


How we helped

Fundamentally Children know that knowledgable staff can only benefit the shopping experience for consumers, whilst building trust in your brand. 

Our training enabled employees to expand their knowledge in specific areas - leading them to providing the high standards that consumers desire and saving time and expense for the employee. 

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