Rovio Entertainment Case Study

Brief & Background

Rovio Entertainment were looking to develop a revolutionary new augmented reality (AR) app that would seamlessly connect Rovio licensed products with the digital Angry Birds universe (‘Project Magic’).

Fundamentally Children were brought on board to create a guide that detailed the common pitfalls and examples of best practice for AR.

Summary of services provided

A 30-page written report including:

    • Desk research
    • Competitor testing feedback, including quotes from children
    • Expert opinion from our in-house child development experts
    • Expert comments from our associate partner Lucy Gill, children’s app and digital game specialist


How we helped

We began by testing four AR products with a number of children at one of our play club partner centres. The researcher observed the ease of use and engagement with each product and talked to children about their experience.

The feedback from the competitor testing was combined with desk research and expert comment to create an overview of potential barriers the developers would need to consider as well as some examples of how this could be achieved.

Thanks to Fundamentally Children we could approach our new AR project with confidence. We were able to get really creative with our ideas while avoiding the costly mistakes that other developers have made in the past"

(Rovio Brand Licensing Team)

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