Scary Beasties – App User Testing

Brief & Background

We have been delighted to work with Scary Beasties to user test 2 prototype games in the last 4 months. 

Scary Beasties approached us to provide our child development and user testing expertise to support development of the Charlie & Lola I've Won app.

Summary of services provided

  • User testing prototype app with 3 - 6 year olds
  • Fast turnaround reporting (within 24 hours of last session)
  • Child development expertise

“A fast turnaround from Fundamentally Children, with quick delivery of a very clear and concise report. It’s always important for us to know what’s not working in an app – but the real value-add is in suggesting work arounds or solutions that will solve the problem.”

- Keith Davidson, Scary Beasties

How we helped

We were particularly delighted to provide our expertise to support the development of the Charlie & Lola: I've Won prototype app as the vision for the app incorporated a number of interesting features. In particular:

  • Group play: pass-and-play, encouraging social skills
  • Physical movement: jumping and dancing along with Charlie
  • Speech: such as barking like Sizzles
  • Learning games: such as recognising and tracing letters and numbers, recognising matching pairs etc.

All of these help it to stand out as a great app for children and one we're keen to encourage. However, wherever an app is unique and developmentally challenging there is a risk it will be too hard and not engaging for children. 

We conducted user testing with children aged 3 - 6 years old both playing alone and in groups. Our project was conducted to a very tight timescale - the prototype was received and all testing conducted on one day, with key findings within hours of the final session and the final report plus verbal debrief within 24 hours.

From our observations and expertise we were able to provide clear recommendations on amendments to the prototype that would improve usability, playability and engagement. We were delighted to see nearly all our recommendations implemented in the final version which has been such a success - selected by Apple as an editor's choice, rising to 1st in the Kids App ranking in the Apple App Store and 3rd in the overall paid chart. 


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