Wordstacker – User testing and brand support

Brief & Background

Ingenium Games approached us in 2016 to gain some valuable endorsement of their brand new game ‘Wordstacker’ before the Kickstarter campaign went live.

Summary of services provided

  • Good Toy Guide user-testing
  • Consultancy to rework the game instructions
  • Product endorsement to support Kickstarter campaign
  • Use of stamp on product packaging and marketing 


How we helped

Through the Good Toy Guide user-testing process, we were able to flag a key issue with ease of use and quickly work alongside the makers to redesign the game play and implement vital improvements.

Upon a second round of testing, with the new instructions, the game passed with flying colours to achieve our ‘Recommended’ status. Our independent endorsement and added signal boost through Good Toy Guide social channels, went a long way towards supporting the Kickstarter campaign. Wordstacker was fully funded within 59 hours.

“[Fundamentally Children’s] network of testers, families, players gave us meaningful feedback on the whole experience from real and representative consumers.

Achieving the 'Recommended' rating for our game WordStacker, putting an independent mark of quality and assurance onto our product facilitates conversations with potential distributors, publishers and collaborators as our business begins to steadily grow.”

Matt from Ingenium Games

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