With a huge range of different toy retailers out there, from small independents, to multiples and multinationals, as well as online only stores, there is so much we can provide to help market your business and ultimately sell your products. From research and media spokesperson services, help with marketing and PR campaigns, in-store play days to increase footfall and drive sales, right up to installing a full Good Toy Zone within your premises, we have services to suit all children’s retailers. We can also provide a wide range of marketing materials to make your offering stand out from the crowd.


What we have to offer



We can bring the magic to your store, creating a fun, engaging play day in your shop. These events have been proven to increase footfall and sales, as well as creating a fun inviting environment for your customers.


We can research how consumers perceive product displays, both in store and online, how they expect categories to be organised, what’s important to them during their shopping experience, and ultimately what makes them more likely to buy.

Retail Play Days

Hosting a Retail Play Day in your venue will help to increase footfall into the store, improve awareness of your offering, and ultimately increase sales. The marketing and PR surrounding the event can also help to build your business’ brand within the local and wider communities.


It is essential for retail staff to understand children and their parents. In order to guide them in product choice, provide knowledgeable advice for what products best suit their needs, and ultimately to provide an expert service to your customers. Our seminars can provide a comprehensive overview of play and the ages and stages of development to help your staff to better serve your customers.

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