Online Media Services

Looking to expand your reach and engagement with your desired audience online?

We have a number of social media accounts to target audiences whether their interests are Children's Apps, Toys or even a bit of both! Not to mention our website which reaches approximately 30,000 hits every month!

We offer a range of online media services to help push and promote your brand and products by leveraging the web and relying on our creative team to deliver great results for you!

What we have to offer

We have bundled up the most popular items into cost-effective packages to suit a range of budgets.

However, these packages can be tweaked to suit your specific requirements, if you wish to do so, please contact us at



Please note: Costs are NOT inclusive of VAT


Standalone Services

Ask the Expert Chat

Dr Amanda will co-host or perform a takeover on your Twitter or Facebook feed to answer questions from your followers or anyone willing to participate in the 'Ask the Expert' conversation. (Limited to 15 mins)

Cost: £450

Tailored Article

One of our resident experts will write up an article (500 words+) on a topic of your choice to solely promote your brand and products.

Cost: £450

Hosted Giveaway with Site-wide Call to Actions (CTAs)

We will host a giveaway on your behalf on our website. We will discuss which entry points you wish to provide and will promote the giveaway throughout all our platforms, which will reach an audience of 20,000+.

Cost: £130

Home Slider Feature (Giveaways only)

A place to call home... For the duration of your hosted giveaway. Take up a piece of our site real estate, by having your giveaway displayed to our 20,000+ monthly visitors.

Cost: £100

Newsletter Mention

We will dedicate a section of our monthly newsletter that goes out to over 6,000 subscribers online.

Cost: £50

Dedicated Newsflash (for Giveaways ONLY)

Read all about it! This option will allow you to promote not only your giveaway but your brand's products to our 6,000+ newsletter subscribers.

Cost: £100

Sponsored Posts

Leverage our 20,000+ strong fan base to promote your brand and products any way you like!

Video, graphics, article, you decide and we'll spread the good word!

Cost: £50 for 1 Facebook post, £25 for 1 Tweet, £25 for 1 Instagram Post

(£50 is the Minimum order value for any standalone Social Media Coverage that is not included in any package)

Inclusion in an Expert Post

Get in touch and we will provide you with our editorial calendar to inform you of upcoming articles that you could potentially be a part of!

Cost: £150

Submit your Product(s) for Expert Evaluation

Get the recognition you deserve and be in 'Good' company with a host of brands and products which are already a part of our esteemed guide of Children's products! Successful evaluation of your product means that it will be granted a stamp of approval or recommendation which you can also use for packaging, site endorsements or even at events!

Cost from: £250




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