August 19, 2016

Fundamentally Children’s Endorsed Products Testing Process


How do we Test the Children's Products Submitted to us?


Product reviews are only published on the Fundamentally Children website if they meet all of our set criteria. Fundamentally Children Endorsed covers a variety of products for children, as well as resources for teachers and parents.

If you would like an app tested (targeted at children, teachers or parents), please do so through the Good App Guide.


We are unique in the way we review children’s products:

  •         We gather feedback for each product from multiple children
  •         Each product is also reviewed by an expert (we have experts in child psychology, user experience, teaching/education, play, toys and apps).

This ensures our reviews are expert, independent and based on real feedback from the target users, making them reviews both consumers and your internal team can trust.

In addition, we offer a range of more detailed review services, research and (if the product is approved) a range of endorsement services – please contact us for more details



Re-test: If for some reason we are unhappy with the data gathered, we may choose to re-test your product using more children, ensuring we are confident with our final review.

Fail: Does not meet all criteria.



Other Criteria include:

  • Available to buy in the UK, online or in store
  • Meets required safety standards
  • Good quality;
    • Appears to be well made (e.g. quality materials have been used)
    • Does not break during fair use by testers (e.g. key pieces do not fall off)
    • No problems with set up that create a barrier to use (e.g. difficulties understanding instructions)
  • Developmentally appropriate;
    • Can be used by a child of the target age on their own, or with an adult if intended (e.g. if the child is below reading age, the product does not require reading, or clearly indicates that a parent’s help is required)
    • (If applicable) Is sufficiently engaging for a child (e.g. the child remains interested in the product for an extended length of time)
  • One or more of the below;
    • Beneficial to development (directly or indirectly), relevant to the target age group (e.g. a product for a one-year old that encourages walking)
    • Significantly supports at least one of the following skills, relevant to the target age group (this may be academic or non-academic) (e.g. a product for a one year old that encourages walking): Cognitive; Creativity; Personal, Social and Emotional; Speech, Language and Communication; Physical and motor skills; Understanding the world (including Geography, History, Science etc.)
    • Is an innovative product that supports family life



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