July 19, 2014

Toy Review Services

Steps on Submitting to the Good Toy Guide

Process Explained...

Follow these 3 simple steps to submit a toy or other children’s product (we review books, accessories and more) to the Good Toy Guide (part of the Good Play Guide) for review:

For more information on how we review toys and other children's products click here.

Step 1. Complete the Submission Form

One Form per Toy (Except where otherwise agreed for a range)

Step 2. Confirm Options & Payment

If not already confirmed, then please Contact Us

Step 3. Send Us 3 Samples (SIX samples for non-reusable, for example, craft products)

Send Samples to: Good Play Guide, 10b Sun Street, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1AE

Terms & Conditions

What You Need To Know...

  1. All products must comply with current European safety legislation and we must be informed in case of a product recall or other safety issue. You must notify the Good Toy Guide in writing (email to toys@goodplayguide.com is acceptable) if the product is withdrawn from sale or if there are any safety concerns that may affect consumers.
  2. The Good Toy Guide Ltd accepts no responsibility for damage caused to the product, or injury or damage caused by the product howsoever it may occur.
  3. All products submitted for evaluation by the Good Toy Guide will be donated to the testing venues, unless a specific request has been received to the contrary. The cost of returning products will be borne by the supplier.
  4. The Good Toy Guide Ltd reserves the right to refuse to evaluate products. Acceptance of a product for evaluation does not guarantee that the product will feature on the Good Toy Guide website. Products submitted must be available for purchase in the UK before they will be uploaded to the site.
  5. Submission of this form indicates adherence to the ICTI’s code of ethical practice and the Good Toy Guide team reserve the right to ask for evidence of audit trails and ethical working practices.
  6. All material on the Good Toy Guide website (www.goodtoyguide.com) is subject to copyright and must not be reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the Good Toy Guide Ltd.
  7. You must provide the Good Toy Guide Ltd with details of at least one online retail outlet in which the product is available to purchase.
  8. You may not modify or change the stamp of approval or logo in any way without prior written authorisation from the Good Toy Guide Ltd.
  9. You may only use the stamp of approval or and of our logos in association with products that are on the Good Play Guide website.

Please note that due to safety concerns, we cannot accept internet-connected toys that:

Do not have a micro processor that enables encrypted transmission

Include hard coded passwords

If you have any queries about this, please get in contact with us.
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