Building your brand credibility

Among the top priorities when putting together both business and marketing plans, should be how to build credibility in your business. It’s important for both trade and consumer audiences to trust you will do what you say you will, that you understand your market, that your products are beneficial to their users, and that you
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How Fundamentally Children works with inventors

Inventors are the lifeblood of the children’s industry. Whether you are a new face, designing your first ever toy, licensed product, or nursery product for your own start-up business; or you are an established inventor, who works with larger toy companies to provide them with new ideas, you are  a huge part of the decision
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I don’t do Market Research because…

  By Anna Taylor Last month I went along to the Children’s Media Conference and you can read up on the highlights and exciting proposals for what’s next for the industry here: Part 1 – self-regulation and Part 2 – opportunities. But today I want to talk about a comment a director made at one of
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